Seeing is believing. People respond predominantly and emotionally to visual media. High Definition Video can convey a story or message that is powerful and persuasive in a way that words alone cannot. At Tera Productions we excel at fine tuning your video project to craft unforgettable images and audio into a living memory that is not lost or faded by the passage of time.


Video is the most accurate medium for both preservation and documentation and an experienced professional cinematographer captures details that are often easily missed. Preserving by video is an investment in the future and possibly the most valuable service you can purchase.


  • Television
  • Commercials/advertising
  • Corporate presentations
  • Trade show videos
  • Video testimonials
  • Award ceremonies
  • Product launches
  • Educational/instructional use
  • Orientation
  • Music videos
  • Special events
  • Sports
  • Documentation—products, procedures, inventory
  • Wedding Video


For more detailed information on video and professional cinematography, contact us today at 201-843-6027.